Dean Rojas - In the News May 14, 2016

Best frog fisherman? Rojas or Ish

Admitting they throw gasoline on the fire, Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders reignited the war of words on who is the best frog fisherman in the world. Zona mentioned he and Sanders both made statements on a Bassmasters show a few years back that Dean Rojas was the top angler with a frog. Not long after, Ish found Zona at an event. "Ish pulled me aside. 'I need to talk to you. Just FYI, I am,' " Zona said. "And he was not joking." Well, Rojas was just on LIVE with Dave Mercer, and was asked to respond to that. "He can say whatever he wants," Rojas said, "but I thinkn everybody knows who's No. 1." Rojas was asked, then, who falls behind him. "I'll give Ish the benefit of the doubt and give him second," he said. "Crochet, probably third." He said there's some other secret frog hammers out there. With that, the LIVE feed went right to Monroe and asked him about who's tops with a frog. "They ask every single time and they know my answer," Ish said, "so I'm not going to answer."

Dean Rojas - In the News March 09, 2016

St John's Fantasy Worth a Risk: Dean Rojas

Mid-March in Florida means two things — bed fishing and probably topwater. Dean Rojas may throw his favorite frogs around the St. Johns River and also stare down some fish that are bedding. It seemed that the first big wave of fish went to the beds in Palatka, but waves should continue to move in over the next month or so. Rojas could be deadly this week. A second-place finish here in 2014 should also sweeten the deal.

Gut tells me: Rojas

He may not win the event, but I expect him to make some noise and be in contention at some point in this event.

Dean Rojas - In the News March 09, 2016

2016 Gander On Tour - Day Three of the Bassmaster Classic with Dean Rojas

Dean Rojas - In the News March 06, 2016

2016 Classic Day 3 42-11 Total


>Day 2 - Dean Rojas (7th, 42-11) – "I don't know what I would've done different – it just wasn't my Classic to win, but hopefully another one will be. I know the lake well enough that I thought I could make it through 3 days with what I found, but it's just so tough going against local anglers. Read More


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Dean Rojas on the Bronzeye Frog & New Spittin' Shad from SPRO

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