2nd: Rojas Revved Up

2nd: Rojas Revved Up

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> Day 4: 5, 21-10 (20, 76-09) Photo: B.A.S.S./Seigo Saito For 3 days, Rojas watched just about everybody else in the Top 12 tote 20-plus pound stringers to the stage while he hung around with 17- to 19-pound bags.

Today was his turn in the big-bag bonanza and it allowed him to climb seven spots and notch his third runner-up finish in the Elite Series.

"Aside from a 2nd place I had at Rayburn (2006) fishing with my frog, this was the funnest 2nd-place finish ever," he said. "Coming up from 9th like I did and catching a bag like I did today was a lot of fun. I felt like a lot of guys ahead of me were going to catch them like I did, but that didn't happen. Chris had such a big lead. I knew it would be difficult to catch him, so I'll take it."

He didn't make any major adjustments today. He just stayed with his game plan and it finally paid off.

"I did the same thing in the same area. Today, I just got three big bites," he added.


He said the wind that started to blow yesterday afternoon and picked back up today knocked out one of his areas on Saturday, but upon returning there this morning when it was mostly calm, he caught his biggest fish.

"You just have to play the conditions and what the situation offers you," he said. Complete Story



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