Front Deck
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Saturday Updates 2014 Bassmaster Classic

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12:00 Kermit is in the house. Dean Rojas just set down his flippin' stick and reached into the rod locker for another stick. As he unwrapped the line and made his first cast with it, the assembled spectators let out a collective, "oooooooooooh," as they realized Rojas had broken out the frog.

11:55 We're back on Dean Rojas, and he tells me he hasn't upgraded in a while. He's working closer to the rip rap bank, much to the delight of the land-based spectators.

We're about to leave Rojas so Jerry Cunnungham can get more photos of other anglers. Rojas just said he's "married to this area." He's not leaving it today. There's a lot less wind today and the sun is bright and climbing higher, two factors that Rojas says will make his spot turn on in a big way. We'll probably be back with him a little later today, but for now we're on the move again.

Dean Rojas has a limit in the boat. It's not the kind of limit he needs to stay in contention or win this thing, but it's a good start. We watched Rojas fish this area yesterday, and he mostly stayed close to the rip rap bank that separates this pocket from the rest of the lake. But today he's expanding into other parts of this roughly 6 or 7 acre area.