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Mid-March in Florida means two things — bed fishing and probably topwater. Dean Rojas may throw his favorite frogs around the St. Johns River and also stare down some fish that are bedding. It seemed that the first big wave of fish went to the beds in Palatka, but waves should continue to move in over the next month or so. Rojas could be deadly this week. A second-place finish here in 2014 should also sweeten the deal.

Gut tells me: Rojas

He may not win the event, but I expect him to make some noise and be in contention at some point in this event.


>Day 2 - Dean Rojas (7th, 42-11) – "I don't know what I would've done different – it just wasn't my Classic to win, but hopefully another one will be. I know the lake well enough that I thought I could make it through 3 days with what I found, but it's just so tough going against local anglers. Read More

> Day 2: 3, 11-14 (8, 24-05) Dean Rojas gained eight places in the standings despite a bag that was two fish shy of a limit.

"I had six bites today, but three of them pulled off," he said. "I don't know what the problem was – I had brand new Gamakatsus on my crankbait.

"I had some bites in the morning, but I couldn't catch them. I didn't catch my first keeper until 9 o'clock. Some of them were just nipping at the bait and I think some wind and clouds would've made them bite better. The water was almost stagnant in a way."

He fished in the same vicinity as Christie and marveled at the long string of spectator boats that followed the leader every time he made a move.

"It was crazy. I've seen a lot of those, but that was the biggest I've ever seen in my life. They'd still be going by after like 2 1/2 minutes. It was just a constant roar of outboards.

"As a fan, it was a cool thing to see that much interest and that many folks wanting to learn." Read more